Veil of the Dragon, Mouth of the Dragon, Hand of the Dragon, Dragon's Sleep,
Dragon's Crown, Dragon's Fire, Ras Dumas, Chaelus, Gossamer Blade, Evarun
Prophecy, Cenotaph, Gorondian Wizard, Wizard, Blade, Sword, Knight, Barbarian,
Pale, Centurian, Legion, Happas, Tower, Servian, Veil, Dragon, Jim Butcher, Codex
Alera, Janet Morris

My background is an Artist turned Architect who is finally getting around to finishing
those stories I started writing when I was sitting on my front porch as a kid. I started
Veil of the Dragon about 10 years ago when I sat down one day and wrote 3
pages of dialogue between what would become the two main characters. I spent a lot
of those years just learning the craft. But really, I started the story even before that,
in my paintings, in my poetry, and even again before that, sitting around a table with
my friends slaying Dragons.

I live in Norman, Oklahoma. My favorite Authors right now are Janet Morris and Jim


Welcome to the world of the Evarun.

My debut Illustrated Epic Fantasy novel, Veil of the Dragon, is now available. Its
prequel, Awakening Evarun, is told in a six part illustrated serial for Kindle.

Veil of the Dragon (Trade Paperback)

Veil of the Dragon (Kindle)

Awakening Evarun (Part I of VI) (Kindle)

Please also stay and look through the archives of poetry and drawings which have
become very much a part of my work.  I look forward to hearing from you.
Excerpt from Veil of the Dragon
available on Angie's Diary
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