I’m crossing the Rubicon.

It’s the river that Julius Caesar had to cross prior to his return to Rome. It represents a point of no return. Or a new beginning.

And it is.

But I would like to point out that I’ve also crossed the Rhine – Awakening Evarun now has downloads in the UK, Germany and Spain!

And downloads of Awakening Evarun for 2012 so far, well, here they are:

Awakening Evarun          Sales Totals        02.5.12

J              F              M            A             M            J

I               20           147                                                                         167

II             7              3                                                                              10

III            7              1                                                                              8

IV            6                                                                                              6

V             9              1                                                                              10

T              49           151                                                                         200

All of February downloads for Part I are promo – But if even if only 20% of those finish out the series – I’m thrilled –  thats 150 units sold I otherwise would have missed. But even without that, looking at January I see my best month yet at 1 1/2 units  a day. So, something’s definately happening. There are ripples in the pond.

Sales numbers aside, I cannot express enough how much Im enjoying, and learning, by spending time with Janet Morris and her Hellions. Great Authors. Great People. Happy for me to get to even be with them. I just finished a draft for review for “Visionaries in Hell” – called for now anyways  – Blood and Ash. Beowulf meets Boudica meets Joan of Arc in Hell. And so much fun to write.

Be sure to check out “Lawyers in Hell” now though, the current installment of Heroes in Hell. Again, great work by some great authors. It’s on Amazon as both Trade paperback and Kindle.

Lawyers in Hell

Publication is still moving forward for Veil of the Dragon. It will be in May. Shooting the book trailer next weekend so expect to see that along with ARC copies probably by middle of March. Illustrations are almost done. Cover layout started.

As for the final installment of Awakening Evarun – It will be available about the middle of March as well. Im feeling a bit sad about seeing the series end. For alot of reasons. But it’s not, not really.

My Muse just whispered to me it’s just the start of an even better beginning…

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