The second installment of the The Evarun Prophecy fantasy epic.

High above the gilded streets of Paleos, capitol city to the Theocracy of the Pale, a
promise is made between a love that was lost and a desire that has yet to be fulfilled.
Meanwhile, Chaelus, former Roan Lord of the House of Oak and now possessed by
the spirit of the Giver returned, returns to his House only to be captured by his brother
Baelus, who is still possessed by the spirit of the Dragon Chaelus had only just
Rather than risk battle with his brother, Chaelus escapes and continues his journey
east to meet with the Khaalish tribes, with Michalas, the child to whom he is bound by
prophecy, and Obidae, the Khaalish chieftan who is bound to him by faith.
In Chaelus’ absence, the Servian knights Al-Mariam and Al-Aaron remain with the
Mother, matriarch of the Order, to try to rally the faith of the remaining Servian
Knights.  But the machinations of man and prophecy have only increased with the
Giver’s return and amongst those who have labored in their wait for him, there are few
who can be trusted.  
As Chaelus and his party cross the river Vicarus and into the lands of the Theocracy,
they are met by the Theocracies new Legions.  But they are not the undead
Remnants Chaelus has met before.  They are still men, and therefore untouchable by
Servian blades.  But it is clear that the Dragon stirs within them.
Chaelus discovers that within the Theocracies lands the hold of the Dragon’s Sleep is
quieter but deeper, and as they journey south, it becomes clear that amongst the
unsuspecting innocents of the Pale, the wages of their vanity are about to be paid.  In
the capitol city of Paleon, Chaelus’ lost love Faerowyn is crowned queen, and Chaelus
finds he must choose between the path of the spirit that possesses him, and one that
he left long ago.
Unable to abandon Faerowyn to the Dragons Sleep, Chaelus sends Michalas and
Obidae on to treat with the Khaalish without him.
In the Garden, Al-Mariam faces the darkness at the heart of the Pale’s last beacon,
and realizes she can no longer ignore the patient call of the Giver’s touch that
Chaelus placed upon her.
Reunited with Faerowyn, and it seems abandoned by the Giver’s spirit, Chaelus is
seduced by her, and instead of saving her, is tempted by her and asked to betray
what little faith he has left.  He finds that the Dragon’s possession of her is already
complete, and when he refuses, is imprisoned and tortured by Faerowyn herself.  
Reaching the lands of the Khaalish, Michalas and Obidae find what they feared, that
the Dragons Sleep is already dwelling within the hearts of the Khaalish.  Michalas and
Obidae are imprisoned and tortured by them.  Obidae, rather than renounce his
belief, allows himself to be sacrificed.  But a handful of Khaalish have already been
awoken.  Encouraged by the martyrdom of Obidae, they set Michalas free.  Led by the
Angels who guide him, Michalas flees into the desert.
In the shadow of the Theocracies new splendor, in view of its veiled host, Chaelus is
ordered crucified by Faerowyn and left to die.
There Al-Mariam and the other eleven apostates who were led there, find and free
him.  But Chaelus is near death.  The spirit of the Giver has left him.  The only help
that remains for him is in the hands of the Forgotten, whose blood still flows within him,
and who abandoned the Pale long ago to the forbidden lands of the Evarun.